Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Workspace Wednesday

Marcy Penner has a weekly instragram/blog series called Workspace Wednesday234 where she shows you a glimpse into her workspace. I adore this series and am obsessed with her workspace. It is so bright and white, with tons of vintage storage for everything.

My workspace on the other hand, is a major work in progress. I am very fortunate to have an entire room all to myself for all my crafty endeavours. We have lived in our house for more than three years though now and I have yet to finish the room. It's basically a hot mess.

I signed up for Marcy's Worksplace class at Studio Calico and loved it. I didn't however, finish the class. You could call me a Workspace class drop out if you will. Even though the class is broken into really manageable parts, I just found myself overwhelmed knowing how much work my room needs.

I have decided to hijack Workspace Wednesday to share a part of my workspace each week that is not working for me and what I'm going to do to change it, while utilizing the tools and worksheets Marcy gave us in the class.

The first week is my Thickers situation. The above photo is my Thicker purge pile. I ran out of space in the storage cube from Michael's that fit two rows of Thickers perfectly and I thought it would be best that I controlled my Thicker collection to what will fit in the cube, which is approximately 60 packs.

So I took all the packs I have either never used or are missing way too many vowels and made a pile on my floor. I wasn't sure how exactly I should deal with them, so I left them on the floor. This was about a month and a half ago and I cannot even tell you how many times I have reached for a pack I knew was in the purge pile and was perfect for the project I was working on. I now realize it's silly to limit myself to Thickers that fit into the storage spot I have. I love and use Thickers way too much. It's time for a new storage spot.

The compartment on the right has a shelf that makes up two little cubes. I usually store 6x6 pads on the bottom and embellishments up top, but all of my 6x6 pads are really just scraps now and I have moved most of my other embellishments to little storage tins. This area just isn't being used anymore. I am going to pull the little shelf out (it just slides in) and make ( *cough* ask my father-in-law to make me*cough*) a custom magazine holder for the right side identical to the one on the left so I can hold more packs.

And just like that, my Thickers addiction is able to continue.

Is there a particular spot in your craft/scrap area that is just a hot mess and you don't know what to deal with it?

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