Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A Week in July

The problem with doing my Project Life spreads on a monthly basis instead of weekly, is it is hard to know what to label them. The first and last spreads are easy, but it's hard to remember if I'm working on spread 2 of 5 or 5 of 8. I have a feeling most of these posts will be titled "random week in...."

That "There's No Place Like Home" card was just perfect for a weekend when Andy and I stayed home almost all weekend. The colours in it are perfect too for a spread of photos filled with colourful kid stuff.

I love big photos so much. I've probably done 10 6x8 photos already this year. They cost $1.99 at Costco (I put a 6.x8 photo on an 8x8 mat in Photoshop), but I just love the impact they have. I also had a little date stamping mishap on the top card. I stamped June by accident a bunch of times and then stamped July over it a few times. It looks like a mess, but I'm rolling with it because I'm not aiming for perfection over here .

Any my love of banners continues. I made the template for the two patterned paper ones from some older Basic Grey garlands and I use the template whenever I want to make own banners for a project. The silver one is from Studio Calico and I'm cursing myself for only buying one package of those.

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