Friday, October 31, 2014

a random week in september

This is what I made for the second Creative Jumpstarts  challenge which was to make a pocket pages spread using all one colour. 

I chose a turquoise-blue and this is the hardest spread I have ever photographed. I think it is the combination of so much  light, bright paper and cards and two photos that had some serious sun flare in them. I photographed this spread at 3 separate times of day in two different locations and changed my camera settings a ton. Eventually I just settled. on these.

It was pretty easy finding enough product in my chosen colour and I also allowed myself to use white and woodgrain. The difficult part was not adding other stuff in, I kept thinking that a certain embellishment or letter sticker would  be perfect, but they weren't the right colour. It was a really fun challenge to use all one colour and I really like the way it turned out.

Also, my husband did some journalling about a bachelor party he went to. He does journaling for our album on an almost weekly basis and I am very grateful that he is so willing to be involved in our memory keeping.

I also got to use my most favourite thickers ever on this spread. There are hardly any letters left at all, but the pack had all the numbers I needed, so I was excited. The thickers are a lovely shade of turquoise and have a corduroy look to them. I just love them.

These are my two favourite parts of the spread. I love the wood veneer stars scattered about like that. It fills in the empty space without looking too crowded.

And I love how adding the white tag to the journal card allowed me to still use a card in my colour scheme, but the tag broke up the colour so the whole spread wasn't too blue. I will definitely be using this technique again when I love a particular journal card, but the colour just might be a little too busy for my spread.

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