Monday, October 13, 2014

Just Another Manic Monday

It's Monday, which usually means back to work from the glorious weekend, but it's a Holiday in Canada, so I get to stay home an extra day. Normally Monday are a little hard to get through, so it's nice to focus a few things making me happy.

1. I joined the Hip Kit Club today. I discovered them last week through instragram and was just floored by how beautiful their kits are. I was so disappointed that their October kits are all sold out because I just loved them. I knew that I had to sign up right away to make sure I could get the next kit. I really haven't made many traditional layouts in the last year or so and I'm really hoping being part of a kit club again is going to help motivate me to create more regularly.

2. I took Andy apple picking on Saturday and it was so much fun. It was the most beautiful quintessential fall day. Andy had so much fun picking apples. It took him awhile to get that he could pick them from the trees and not just pick up old, shriveled up ones from the ground, but once he did, he chose some good ones. I got some great photos and will forever remember how cute he looked carrying the apple basket around telling me it was "too heaby" and the way he grunted each time he tried to pull an apple off of a branch and the surprised look on his face when the tree branch snapped back.

3. We hosted my in-laws for Thanksgiving yesterday and it was the biggest turkey dinner I have ever made. It definitely didn't go off without a hitch (buns were a little too dark on the bottom, apple and pecan pies were a little runny, and I had to add packaged gravy to  my from scratch as I just couldn't make it thicken), but overall it was a great meal. We brought the table and chairs in from the garage (in the process of painting them white) and the white table looked great with the antique china my parents gave me years ago I hardly ever use it, but the table just looked lovely. A sweet friend bought us pink roses and they were the perfect finishing touch for the table.

What is making you manic on this Monday?

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