Wednesday, February 4, 2015

january project life

I'm sharing with you today my January Project Life pages. I used the Notes & Things Project Life mini kit as well as some papers from the Open Book 6x6 pad and a few emebellishments from both Notes & Things and Open Book. I hope you have a cup of cofee, tea, or your favourite beverage of choice, because this is going to be a long, photo heavy post. 

I absolutely adore all of the gold foil elements in the mini kit. They are hard to photograph, but the 'this life' on the bottom right 4x6 card, 'lovely day' on the square pink card the lines on the calendar card are all gold foil.

I love using a big photo in our Project Life album. Our son's first day of pre-school was the perfect excuse. I get my photos printed at Costco and a 4x6 costs 17 cents, whereas an 8x8 costs $1.99. In order to cut down on cost, I import the photo into Photo Shop Elements and then crop the top at 4x6 and bottom at 4x6. Now the photo has only cost me 32 cents instead of $1.99. I just cut the bottom 4x6 in half and slide each part into a 3x4 slot.

This is my favourite spread from the entire month. I just love how all the gold and pink go together. 

Once again, it's hard to tell, but all the writing on the bottom two 4x6 cards are all gold foil, the 3x4 card with the ampersand says 'you and me' in gold foil, as do the cards in the top 4x6 slots.

And oh my gosh, that 'one thousand good night kisses' circle could not be more perfect for a crazy mom that takes as many sleeping photos of her child as I do. I scattered some wood veener stars around the card for added effect.

The 'love' tab and 'the little things' square both come in the mini kit. I really love the little bits you get in the kit, especially for someone like me who heavily embellishes their Project Life album. 'Tonight I will fall asleep with you in my heart' is from the Notes and Things journal cards and I have been waiting for the perfect picture to use it with.

Well, the cat (or unicorn) is out of the bag now, and I officially have issues. I definitely had to use the card from my first order from Paper Issues as a design team member as Cassie wrote a little welcome note on the back. I also included a screen shot from the weather app on my phone as we were having a crazy cold week. I really like included stuff like that in our album as it really gives you a more complete look at our life.

I'm trying to use more 4x6 journalling cards in my album this year as I really love them, but I tend to always fill the spots with photos instead. I layered a tag from the Notes & Things sticker sheet with a few elements from the Notes & Things mini kit to fill our this card a bit.

On Saturday, I randomly drove to Montreal and back with my parents (6.5 hour one way) to pick up two Cornish Rex cats for them. My parents named them Mavis and Baxter and they are utterly adorable and completely trouble. :) Our whole family is crazy about them already.

All three of the 3x4 cards in this photo have gold foil on them. I cannot stress enough how much gold is in this mini kit.

This is the last spread of the month and has an insert on the right hand side. It's a Design A page protector that I just cut in half, so it's hard to tell it's an insert here.

I used a bunch of papers from the Open Book 6x6 pad on this page. I love using 6x6 pads in my Project Life as the patterns are the perfect proportion.

I was so exited it use that book paper from the Open Book 6x6 pad for a photo about book club. The gold embossed library card from the Notes & Things 6x12 sticker sheet was also perfect.
Since I do my Project Life monthly, I often have the wrong amount of photos to end  my month on the right side of a two page spread. I fix this, I often add an insert in the middle of the last spread. This is a Design A page that I cut in half and I've photographed both sides here.

Phew! That was a very long winded post. Kudos to you if you made it all the way to the end. There are still lots of Project Life stuff in the Paper Issues shop. Use the code petitenoonie at checkout to save 20% off your entire order!!!

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