Tuesday, November 4, 2014

five of my favourite project life things

This is my third year doing Project Life and I just couldn't imagine my life without it. It is so much more than a family photo album as it also has our stories attached to those photos so we never forget what was so special in that moment that it warranted a photo. Not to mention the addition of lots of pretty things. 

In the almost three years I have been doing this project, I have learned so much about how I create. Mostly, I have learned that I am a creature of habit. It is really hard to stick with a project like this and I feel that one of the reasons I have been able to do it for so long and stay (mostly) up to date, is I really have my process perfected now. 

I basically use the same products on every single spread and while some may think that is boring, it allows me to get each spread finished fairly quickly and I'm okay with that. I vary the colour combinations I use every week, so I think my albums have variety. By using the same products on each spread however, they still have a cohesive look.

So, without further ado, here are my five favourite products I use on Project Life. All five of these, without a doubt, appear on every single spread I make. 

1. Labels - I have a ton of the label sheets that Marcy Penner (Hello Forever) makes for Studio Calico each month. They are a pain to cut out since I don't have a Cameo, but they come in the loveliest colours and are the perfect size for Project Life. My albums are very photo heavy, so the labels are the perfect way to add journalling when I don't have enough 3x4 spots to fit it in. I also just cut the longer labels down to fit the size I need them for. Lots of companies make label sticker sheets now too.

2. Enamel dots - Ahh enamel dots. I still remember the first time My Mind's Eye came out with the enamel dots. I thought I died and went to embellishment heaven. Most manufacturers have their own version of enamel dots now and I love and want them all. They add the perfect little pop of colour to a project, are so nice and small and have a little dimension, without being too chunky. The perfect embellishment in my opinion.

3. Alphas - I really love the impact of using large alphas on my Project Life spreads. I often use Thickers to make titles in 4x6 pockets where I have put a square photo. On 4x6 photos, I usually use smaller, flat alphas- Basic Grey or the small sets that come in the Studio Calico PL kits, 

4. Wood veneers- They are so versatile and I know a lot of people stamp on them, spray, or emboss them, but I really just love them in their natural state. They're a great neutral embellishment and come in so many great shapes There are a lot of small veneer options too, so they are the perfect size for Project Life. 

5. Washi tape- Like most scrapbookers, I have a pretty good sized washi tape collection. Somehow though, I almost always end up using the five tapes pictured above. They are colourful, without having too busy of a pattern. I use a combination of those five on almost all of my spreads and I cannot believe how much of them I still have. Washi tape is definitely one of the most cost effective embellishments you can buy as they last forever. They are also perfect for the scrapbookers who love to embellish, but don't like a lot of bulk to their pages.

There are lost of other items that show up in my spreads, but these five are definitely the ones that I turn to week after week. What are the products that you use every week on your spreads?

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  1. Enamel dots are perfect! And I am with you on the wood veneers--I love them natural too.